1 December 2018
A bit lenghty this week, since I missed the last one! Want to compile all your nodejs app into single js file, with all dependencies and stuff - ncc will help you out, inspired by go it can be quite handy. Learn how to make your infographic shine and be interactive at the same time with Vue. Learn how to build your own js sandbox, or get the complete one for free, one of the main selling points - it works locally and ofline! In the ongoing series of articles about functional programming, Eric Elliott introduces us to transducers. Wanna have cli app with stylish progress bar, look no further,than progress-estimator! How about super simple, but efficient collaborative whiteboard, too lazy to build one - grab the opensource one and extend it! Learn what to put in your HEAD, as one singer once said 'Feed your head'(pm me with the name of the author of these lyrics and get a small prize)! Never leave your docs obsolete with Dredd, how about that slow-mo now? And finally compare the hippest request libraries of the 2019!

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